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A Conservative Leader who gets things done.

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From finding a vaccine for COVID-19 to safely reviving our economy and putting conservative judges on the Supreme Court, Senator Graham is working with President Trump to protect our country. JOIN US TODAY:

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Meet Lindsey Graham

A fighter who doesn’t back down from a challenge. A conservative who gets things done. A leader who puts our country above all.

In the United States Senate, South Carolina's Lindsey Graham has earned a reputation as a conservative, a problem-solver, and a leader who gets things done. He is a great friend to our men and women serving in uniform, a respected voice on national security matters, a leading advocate for cutting the out-of-control spending in Washington, and a champion for confirming conservative judges.

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On The Issues

A Strong America, A Strong Military

Lindsey Graham believes a strong and safe America is only possible with a strong United States military. Better pay for our troops. Cutting-edge equipment for our soldiers. Strong alliances which help keep us safe here at home.

Judges and Protecting the Constitution

Over 200 district and court of appeals judges - nominated by President Trump - confirmed for lifetime appointments to the federal bench. This is the Lindsey Graham record on judges.

Jobs and The Economy

Lindsey Graham understands the way to create jobs and build a strong economy is to let Americans keep more of what they earn and get the government out of the way.

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