Lindsey Graham is a strong supporter of Americans’ right to “keep and bear arms” as specified in the Second Amendment of the Constitution. As an owner of multiple guns himself, Senator Graham has been a steadfast protector of law-abiding gun owners. He is proud to receive high marks from organizations advocating for responsible gun ownership, including a 100% rating from the National Shooting Sports Foundation.

Lindsey Graham is also committed to ending the scourge of senseless gun violence perpetrated by individuals who obtained firearms illegally. In the case of the Parkland shooter in Florida, the FBI and local police officers made numerous house calls due to complaints about the eventual shooter. Still, they were unable to take any action to disarm him before he killed seventeen innocent students. Working with members of both parties, Senator Graham has introduced legislation to create a federal grant program to assist law enforcement in coordinating with mental health professionals so preemptive action can be taken to stop known troubled individuals before they strike. This legislation is accompanied by robust due process to ensure no guns are taken from owners without just cause and swift due process.