Lindsey Graham believes a strong and safe America is only possible with a strong United States military.

He supports better pay for our troops, cutting-edge equipment for our soldiers, and strong alliances which help keep us safe here at home.

Senator Graham has pushed for policies in the fight against radical Islam which protect American citizens, the homeland, and our long-term national security interests. One leading conservative wrote that when it comes to defending America, “[Lindsey] Graham has been right about more things on foreign policy for longer than just about anyone.”

Lindsey Graham wore the uniform of the United States Air Force for more than 30 years serving on active duty, in the South Carolina Air National Guard, and U.S. Air Force Reserves where he retired at the rank of Colonel.

Senator Graham has traveled the globe meeting with countless world leaders in an effort to protect American interests and promote American values. He has visited Iraq and Afghanistan over 50 times.

While America remains the leader of the free world, Senator Graham knows we need to enlist the help of friends and allies to accomplish our shared goals of peace and prosperity.

The right to vote. The rights of women. The promotion of human rights. Senator Graham’s leadership has given him a direct line to the President and world leaders when it comes to discussing the toughest issues around the globe.