RELEASE: Graham Wins Re-Election to U.S. Senate
Tuesday, November 4th, 2014

COLUMBIA, SOUTH CAROLINA – U.S. Senator Lindsey Graham (R-South Carolina) today made this statement following his re-election to the U.S. Senate.

He said:

“I owe so much to so many. The only way I know how to pay you back is to put the state and nation’s interests ahead of mine.

“I am honored and humbled by the overwhelming support the voters gave me today. The greatest experience of my life has been to represent the people of South Carolina in the United States Senate. I appreciate each and every voter who believed in me and supported me for another term.

“For those who voted for my opponents, I will continue to work to earn your trust and confidence. I also assure you my door is always open to you.

“To our dedicated volunteers: we have the best campaign team in the country.  Thank you for donating your time and energy to help me.  The best way I know to repay you is to be the best possible Senator I can be.

“What does tonight mean? For the past six years, Barack Obama and Harry Reid have run over Republicans to enact their agenda. Tonight, this comes to an end.

“I return to the Senate not to seek revenge, but with a burning desire to right the ship of state before it’s too late. I’m seeking willing partners on both sides of the aisle.

“This campaign has reinforced my belief that solving problems and being conservative are not mutually exclusive.

“Tonight, the American people are choosing divided government and rejecting President Obama’s policies which — he rightly indicated — were on the ballot.

“The question for the country is — can a conservative, Republican Congress work with a liberal Democratic president to move our nation forward? The answer should be yes. I believe it must be yes.

“Earlier today, I spoke with Vice President Biden. Whether it’s fixing the highway trust fund, modernizing our ports, replacing the devastating defense cuts under sequestration, becoming more energy independent in an environmentally sound way, or making a substantial down payment on fixing a broken immigration system, I believe there are areas where we can find common ground. All these things — and more — are possible, if we choose.

“Finally, I will continue to fight for South Carolina’s interest in the Senate, but above all else I will continue to have the back of those who are risking their lives to defend our nation. They stand in harm’s way so we can peacefully choose our leaders. Every election is a rebirth of democracy. This night should be dedicated to those who stand in harm’s way. Let’s honor their dedication and sacrifice by working together to improve the nation they are willing to fight and die for.



Background Information on Graham Campaign

  • Lindsey Graham has built an army of supporters and volunteers supporting his re-election campaign.  Graham’s campaign had 176 county chairmen – one in every county across the state – and 5,200 precinct captains supporting the campaign. The campaign also had multiple coalitions of national security leaders, pro-family leaders, sportsmen, students, young professionals, and farmers.
  • During the Republican Primary, Graham defeated six opponents on the first ballot – winning every county – with 56% of the vote.
  • Team Graham raised approximately $13.4 million during the six-year election cycle and raised approximately $11 million.
  • During the campaign, volunteers distributed 30,000 yard signs and 35,000 bumper stickers across the state.
  • Combined with the Republican Party’s Victory 2014 effort, volunteers in the primary and general election made 1.6 million phone calls in support of Senator Graham.
  • Combined with the Republican Party’s Victory 2014 effort, 2.5 million pieces of mail were sent on behalf of Senator Graham and the entire Republican team.
  • The campaign was supported by President George W. Bush, endorsed by National Right to Life PAC and SC Citizens for Life Federal PAC, the U.S. Chamber of Commerce, the National Federation of Independent Business (NFIB), National Association of REALTORS PAC, and joined by former Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice at a campaign event in Greenville.



Tate Zeigler

Team Graham, Inc.

PO Box 1801

Columbia, SC 29202



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About Lindsey Graham

In the United States Senate, South Carolina's Lindsey Graham has earned a reputation as a conservative, a problem-solver, and a leader who gets things done. He is a great friend to our men and women serving in uniform, a respected voice on national security matters, a leading advocate for cutting the out-of-control spending in Washington, and a champion for confirming conservative judges. Learn more about Lindsey here.